A Gentle Touch Pet Grooming

Large or small, your pet's health and happiness depend on qualities only you can provide.

Professional veterinary care, a sound diet, exercise, fun and the services of a conscientious, skilled groomer are the key essentials.

Just add lots of love...

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A Gentle Touch - Grooming & Styling for the Small Pet

Full-Service Grooming Includes:

My philosophy is to render a quality service at a fair price. My goal is to always return to you a meticulously clean, well groomed and happy pet - nothing less! Cleanliness is just as important to your pet's health as a sound diet and ample exercise.

My hope is to establish with you an ongoing relationship of trust and satisfaction. As a groomer, I've always felt it is my duty to act as a liaison between the pet owner and the pet's veterinarian. I will always listen to and heed your concerns and you can always count on me to bring anything to your attention that you or your vet may need to know.

FLEAS!!! If your pet has fleas I can treat it with Advantage (at an additional charge) but it's a product I can't willingly endorse. It works but, being a chemical insecticidal, I wonder about its safety in the long run. Best practice is to make preventative measures at home before your pet is infested. I give my own pets an all-natural flea deterrant called Flea Treats which they love. Made with B vitamins and real liver, it takes a couple of weeks for Flea Treats to build up in a pet's system but with continued use your pet will not only be flea-free but you should also notice increased energy and coat improvement. Flea Treats cost less than chemical products, too.

Convalescing Pets and Pets Under Veterinary Care: I have several years of experience in pre-surgery and after-care grooming. I'm happy to groom according to your vet's specifications and use any prescribed products as long as you provide them.

Cats: Of course I groom cats! All kitties needs a good bath and hairstyle occasionally.

Dental Cleaning has become popular in the grooming industry but it's something I feel is best left to you and your vet. It takes daily routine care to train a pet to allow its teeth to be brushed, something no groomer can accomplish once a month to every six weeks or longer. Dental care should begin at home, the sooner the better. Veterinary periodontal cleaning is a surgical procedure involving anesthesia, aspiration, medical after-care. Plaque and tartar are bacteria-laden waste products that can cause serious infections if released into a pet's system so I don't do teeth. You wouldn't expect your hair stylist to clean your teeth, would you?

Appointments: Monday through Saturday 8am until the job is finished! Consultations are free. I look forward to hearing from you! Amy Duval -- (707) 546-1420

A Gentle Touch - Grooming & Styling for Small Pets

Quality Grooming, Reasonable Rates, Happy Pets!

Rates are according to breed, coat condition and your preferences. They can be discussed. I only accept a limited clientele of small pets (15 pounds max, give or take).